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NOD Tech:
Enable Oral Delivery of Biopharmaceuticals
NOD tech efficiently encapsulates macromolecules into bio-adhesive nano-particles, which are further
formulated into unidirectional release enhanced absorption dosage forms to overcome the barriers of
oral biopharmaceuticals, particularly enzyme degradation and poor absorption.  NOD tech enables oral
delivery of biopharmaceuticals and allows enhances efficiency of poorly absorbed drugs.
Higher Bio-availability for Cost Containment
Modulation of Pharmacokinetic Profile for Optimal Efficacy & Less Side Effects
The key advantages of NOD tech vs competing technologies include:
Advantages of NOD Tech
NOD tech can be used to develop oral formulation for macromolecular drugs, including proteins,
peptides, nucleic acids, polysacharrides, etc.  Small molecules with poor absorption or require
pharmacokinetic optimization may also be improved by NOD tech.
Which Product Is Suitable for NOD Technology?
What Is NOD Tech?
erythropoietin (EPO)
interferon alpha
human growth hormone
BCG-polysaccharide nucleic acid
Animal studies with the following examples show that NOD tech is not limited the molecular weight
of the drug and can successfully deliver bioactive drugs by oral administration.
Successful Cases of NOD Tech?
Yes.  Numerous patent applications have been filed worldwide and our first patient application has
been granted in US, EU, China and Mexico.  Other applications are pending.
Is NOD Tech Patented?
If you need help in oral delivery of poorly absorbed drugs, big  or small, or improve pharmacokinetic
profile to enhance efficacy or reduce side effects, we can help!  
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Can NOD Tech Help You?